Adoptable Dogs


Below are photos of our dogs in Foster Care that are waiting for a loving forever family. If you are interested in one of these amazing dogs please click on any "Adoption Application" button to submit your application.  A representative from Fawn's Small Dog Rescue WILL CONTACT THE ONE HOME we feel would be the perfect match for each dog within 5 days. Please understand we receive many applications and can not possibly contact every family to let them know the dog they applied for has been adopted. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. If you see a *Adoption Pending* on the dog you applied for and you have not been contacted that means a meet and greet has already been set up with a family. Hopefully you will see another dog you would be interested in adopting. Thank you for considering adoption!

 *We only adopt to homes within a 150 mile radius of Jacksonville, Fl. 

Please make sure your application is done processing before exiting page. 

It will show "Sending Form" then "Form Sent" when complete. 

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Red and Phoebe

Red (Chihuahua mix)  Phoebe (Yorkie)

Hoping to find a home together. Both are 5 years old and weigh 10 pounds each. *Adult home only with secure fenced yard required. Phoebe is a timid little girl who relies on Red for comfort. They have been best buddies since they were young. They're super sweet and Red is a total love bug. We're sure Phoebe will be too once she feels safe and loved with time to adjust once adopted. She is learning to trust. Not leash trained and working on housebreaking. Spayed/neutered, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Jacksonville, Fl. 


Unknown Mix

Buttons is 2 years old and weighs 10 pounds. *Adult home only* She's playful, affectionate and loves to cuddle. She was hit by a car at some point in her young life and received no medical care. After being evaluated by our vet sadly her back leg had to be amputated. From a different injury her front leg was also broken when she came in rescue. She's now healed. Buttons was not in good hands as a puppy so has not had the best start at life. She's hoping to find a family that will adore her and care for her properly. She does best with male dogs. She would love to have a playmate but would be fine being a one and only too. She can run and walk with no issues. Needs a little more socializing in public places. She doesn't seem to mind the vets office cat but has not been tested with cats in a home environment. She's comfortable with women but takes time to warm up to men. Spayed, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Orange Park, Fl.  



Bunny is 6 years old and learning to trust. *Secure fenced yard required. *Adult home only. She's a happy little girl who will follow you around wagging her tail and loves treats. She's still timid being touched or held but learning to enjoy affection. Looking for a committed family to give her the time she needs to adjust once adopted, this will not take only a few days. Her eyes will melt your heart when you meet her. Good with other small dogs. Working on house breaking. Spayed, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Orange Park, Fl. 

Black Jack

Chihuahua mix

Black Jack is 13 years old and weighs 25 pounds but very overweight and needs to loose 8-10 pounds. His elderly owner could not care for him any longer so he was taken to a shelter. He's a friendly, healthy, active boy with a funny personality. Enjoys playing with his toys, cuddling in a lap and likes going for walks. He would make the perfect little addition to any loving family. Good with other dogs, cats and children. Neutered, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Jacksonville, Fl. 


Toy Poodle    male

Jackie is 13 years young and weighs 5 pounds. *Adult home only. Adorable, healthy, active, good with other dogs and cats. Not good with children. He's quite a little character with a few little quirks but will make the perfect little addition to a loving family. Neutered, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Jacksonville, Fl. 

Crissy *adoption pending*

Dachshund (standard)

Crissy is 4-5 years old and weighs 18 pounds. *Secure fenced yard required. Unsure and fearful of the leash but will learn with time and patience. She's sweet, playful, enjoys belly rubs and likes being with her person. Good with other dogs and children 10+. Spayed, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Orange Park, Fl,

Woody *adoption pending*

Chihuahua ShihTzu mix

Woody is 11 months old and weighs 8 pounds. Rescued from a shelter. He's playful, affectionate and likes to cuddle. He's timid meeting strangers so could use some socializing. Good with other dogs and older children would be best. Not leash trained so will not go potty outside while on a leash yet. Neutered so that will help with house breaking, current on vaccines and micro chipped. Fostered in Orange Park, Fl.

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