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Adopted Dogs and Success Stories


Below are success stories of our adopted dogs and their new families.  Your contributions and support had a big part in finding these wonderful animals their loving forever homes.

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Andy is having a ball playing with his best friend Bandit in his new home.  ​Congratulations baby boy.


Rosa was adopted with her brother Petey. Yay!Happy times!


Petey found his forever home with the Stein family. Only great days ahead sweet boy. 


A big thank you to Bud and Pat for helping Winston finish up his heartworm treatment and giving him a loving home.


Frosty is safe and settled in his new home with the Fox family. Congratulations Frosty and Debra!


Lizzy is where she was meant to be. She found a amazing forever home with Ana.  They are happy to have found each other.  


Congratulations to the Welch family on their adoption of this precious little girl. Yay Pepper!  


Carmi now known as Barney is snug and comfy with the German's. They are thrilled to have him as part of their family.  


Bobo is loving his new home with the Wells family. He will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.


Hooch found his angel adopter!  Thank you Sandra for opening up your heart and home to such a special boy.  


Nitro found a awesome home with the Novarro family! Enjoy your new life sweet boy.


What a beauty!  Kandy is starting her new life with the McDonald family.  Thank you for giving her a wonderful home.  


Max's adoption was amazing.  These little dogs always end up where they were meant to be. Congratulations Ron and Diane.  Max is one lucky boy! 


Rosie is now a member of the Davis family.  She has fit in like a charm.....perfect!


Neeko loves his new fur sister Penny.  The Dooley's say he enjoys carrying all his toys out the doggy door.  Loving life and having a blast with his forever family.


The Bargeron's say that sweet Casey has stolen their hearts! Good boy Casey! We are so happy to find such awesome adopters. 


Leo is loving his new forever home with the Austin family. Thank you so much for adopting this precious little boy. 


Congratulations Mary on your new furbaby! Enjoy your forever family Princess


Daisy is loved and spoiled in her new forever home!


Sweet Mazel was adopted by the Munn family while she was going through her heartworm treatment.  She found a amazing forever home!  Enjoy your new life precious baby.


Charlotte couldn't have found a better home. Thanks to the Dowd family for instantly falling in love with her. Enjoy your new life sweet girl.


Gustaf and Figgy are loved and spoiled in their new home. 


Figgy was adopted by a very sweet lady.  We are so excited because she adopted Figgy's best friend also!  Thank you so much Jean.


Enjoy your new life Layla. She found a fantastic home with the Poole family.


Takeout now named Douglas is loving his new family. Thanks Jessica!! 

Pooh Bear

Thank you Linda for adopting this very special boy. He found the perfect home.  We love you Phoo!


Enjoy your new life sweet Kiki. Thank you Mark and Shaun for adopting this amazing little girl.


Yay for Gia! She was adopted by the Holcomb family. Enjoy your new life sweet little girl.


Congratulations to Tootie and his new family! Thank you Bill and Peggy for giving this adorable little boy a forever home. 


Thank you to the Donegan family for giving Tyke a fantastic family.  He will be loved and spoiled every day.  Yay Tyke!!!


Lexi is such a playful girl who found the perfect home with the Kanes! She now has a family to keep her safe and love her.  Have fun and enjoy your new life Lexi.


We are so happy for Miss Zoey.  She made herself right at home with the Routzahn family.  We could not continue saving lives without  adopters opening their hearts and homes. You are a huge part of our mission. Thank you!


Lola has found a fantastic home! She will continue to be loved and spoiled every day.  A big thank you to the Crouse family for adopting this amazing little girl.


Kuba, now Kobie is living the good life with his adopters the Fioramanti family. He is very lucky to have found such a fantastic home! Congratulations Christine and Peter!  Kobie was meant to be with you. 


 Belsy, now Bella was adopted by the Huffman family. She now has a furry brother named Roscoe....they are inseparable. Donna and Chris are going to continue her heartworm treatment so soon she will be heartworm free!  Bella will be healthy, loved and spoiled for the rest of her life.  Thank you so much!


Hope found her forever home with the Myers family.  She is happy to have a fenced yard where she can play and chase lizards. She has made good buddies with their son and sleeps with him at night. Thanks Rochelle for adopting this precious little girl. 


Kyra found the perfect family to adopt her. This precious girl has been through so much but now her life is filled with only love and happiness. She will continue to be spoiled and treasured for the rest of her life. Thank you Terry and Mike for everything you have done to help Kyra recover and begin her new life.


Desi loves her forever family!  Enjoy your new life Desi. We are so happy for you.  Thank you for adopting her Anne.... she is a lucky girl to have you!


Dolla found a fantastic family. We are so happy for this special little girl. Thank you Jane and Sweetie Pie for welcoming Dolla into your home.


Our sweet little girl found her forever home! She will continue to be loved and spoiled. Thank you Amy for giving Taja a family.


Laci adopted! Thank you to the Haddad family for loving this special girl and giving her a fantastic home.


Pipsi is now a happy girl with a family!  Thanks Blanche for adopting her and showing her how wonderful it is to be loved and treasured.


Thank you to the Vitta family for adopting this precious little girl. Enjoy your new life and home Ginger!


Sweet little Kessi has found her forever home! She was severely matted and needed multiple surgeries when she can in rescue. A big thank you to the James family for adopting Kessi and continuing her recovery.  She will be spoiled and loved for the rest of her life.


We are so happy that Rocky found a fantastic home! Thank you River and Kia for adopting this amazing little boy. 

Baby Lucy

We are grateful for all the families that choose to adopt. These puppies were born in undesirable living conditions and are lucky to have survived. Baby Lucy has found a fantastic family who will protect and love her for the rest of her life.


Sweet Diamond is a precious little girl who has been through a lot and has come a long way thanks to her foster family.  Thank you for saving her life and giving her a permanent forever home.


Congratulations to Keeta! He will be loved and spoiled in his forever home with the Duke family. We are so happy he found such a wonderful home.


Little Koba found his furever home.  He had a wonderful first Christmas with his new daddy Matthew.  Thank you for adopting this precious baby!


ADOPTED    We are so happy for this sweet boy. Thank you to the Middleton's and their family for giving Snickers a awesome home!


Congratulations to Syra and her new family! Many years of love and happiness for this precious girl.


Rio has found a great home. Congratulation little boy!


Sammy has found his forever home! Congratulations Mr. McLelland on your new little boy. This was a very special and heartwarming adoption that brought happy tears to our eyes.  Thank you to Sammy's foster mom for making this adoption happen at the perfect time.


Chicky on her way to a loving home with her new mom Vivian. We are so happy for them both.  Thank you Vivian for giving this precious girl a second chance for a better life. Congratulations!

Baby & Daisy

 Baby & Daisy (mom and daughter) came into rescue because their owners passed away.  They now have a new loving family and will continue to be loved and spoiled.  Thank you to Amber and her family for adopting BOTH of these beautiful girls so they could stay together.

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